Our philosophy

At Chalet de la Serra, the cuisine has no borders: it is inspired both by the nature that surrounds us and also by the Mediterranean culture, dear to Atika, the owner.

That's why we offer traditional regional dishes such as fondue, tartiflette, hot box as well as more unusual and more exotic dishes. 

Regional Cuisine

Coming to the Jura also means discovering a diversity of dishes entirely made locally.

Chalet de la Serra is located just 15 minutes from Fort des Rousses known for its Juraflore Comté ripening cellars.

Let's not forget Morbier and Mont d'Or, two other local cheeses that will delight you. What about chicken with yellow wine, one of the specialties of the Chalet.

As you will have understood, coming to the Chalet de la Serra is also a taste discovery

The vegetable garden

One of the specificities of the Chalet de la Serra is to have a vegetable garden available all year round with aromatic herbs that you will find in each of the dishes and also fruits and vegetables.

Throughout the year, you will discover these delights of the garden fresh or cooked. So, next to a beautiful slice of foie gras, you will certainly find a delicious homemade rosehip jam.